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This is a very strange section to see on a law firm’s website. Most attorneys are desperately grasping to hold on to any potential lead they can find. But in the long run, you will only enjoy this process if we’re the right fit for you, so we think it’s only fair to give you all the facts. Here are the things that indicate you should find help elsewhere:

work with us.


You don’t have a business or product/service yet.

If you are starting a business for the first time and have no products or services, but want to “reserve” a name, we won’t work with you. 

While there are lots of firms that are happy to take your money and run, we’re not. We only work with someone who has a product or service that is currently being sold. While our big corporate clients (in our former legal lives) had unlimited budgets, every entrepreneur we’ve encountered does not, and therefore we prefer to see that whatever you approach us with is a venture that we can help you build-- not hurt your chances of survival.


You value pinching pennies more than results.

We’re not your cheapest option, and for good reason. Sure, you can go to a trademark factory and get run through their machine, or work with other small firms owned by attorneys who are doing this out of necessity because they couldn’t get a job (ouch! Sad but true unfortunately). 

We provide excellent client care and most importantly, some of the best results in the
industry despite our small size. Because we value results over revenue, we take on fewer clients and demand for our services remains high. Because of this, we can only accept new clients by application.


Credentials are not important to you.

We know that some of you would rather eat hamburgers instead of steak (or potatoes instead of tofu, for our vegan friends). 

But for those of you who would rather pick the mignon/tofu, we dare you to find a firm that provides as much interaction with their clients as we do with attorneys as credentialed as we are. Here’s what we’re talking about:

Christina- Christina was one of the 2% of applicants accepted out of state at Texas A&M College Station in 2006. After graduating from Emory, a top 20 law school, Christina went on to get an in-house legal job (no easy feat). She also brings her background as a professionally trained floral designer and calligrapher, and has herself professionally trained and showed horses who went on to compete at the National level (hence her focus on equine photographers!) She’s been featured in magazines and publications like Belong, Where Women Create, Arabian Horse World and Entrepreneur (where her podcast- Creative Empire- was featured as a top podcast to listen to in 2017). She’s been offered two in-house legal jobs in the past year, but would rather work with you ;)

Joe- After graduating first in his engineering class from Auburn, Joe went to Emory for law school and became the first person in his law school class to make partner at a major Atlanta law firm while practicing patent litigation. He then accepted an in-house position as a vice president of a privately held $100 mil. toy company and built their legal department from scratch. He left his position there to found Lingomod.com and work with Christina in her firm. Don’t let his scary background intimidate you though- 

Jennifer- Jennifer graduated from Northwestern (#10 law school) and after a short career, made the brave decision we applaud her for-- she put her family first and raised her girls. Returning now to practice again, we’re thrilled to have her sharp eye for detail and compassionate understanding of what it takes to work as a mom.


You prefer a more formal relationship.

Sometimes we surprise our clients with a phone call answering their email, or with a text 
back when they message us on a Saturday evening. Because the firm is small and we only work with hand-selected clients, we’re more like friends than business colleagues.


You prefer a more formal relationship.

Both Joe and I have our own online businesses outside of the firm, and we use this 
experience and knowledge to inform our legal work and business counseling advice. 

We are also partners both in and out of the firm. We sometimes live out of the back of our truck (it’s actually a lot nicer than it sounds) as we travel around Moab, Vail, Wyoming and California (when we’re not home in Atlanta)-- we’re fortunate to have jobs where the only daily need is a strong WIFI connection. Fortunately for our clients, we both err on the side of workaholism, so client work is our top priority each and every morning before we go out on any adventures.

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